Wow. I’ve been on this thing for 6 years. Certainly doesn’t feel like or look like it.

Okay. No promises or resolutions. Just going to try super hard this year to excel.

That’s it.



Listen up, fives, a ten is speaking!!!


 Another day, more snow.

Haven’t been on this thing in like a year and I figure it is time to post something.

A few things have happened in that time- both good and bad and sad- but that is how time and life works.

I’m hopeful though that things will curve back to better and awesome and great. I’m in a transformative period, I believe. I was on a path to learn more about me and improve in some areas. I’ve been knocked off that path but I’m back on it. I have a vision and I’m aiming for that, including my own residual self-image.

In that aim, I’m going to post more content regularly onto my other sites.

I know, I know. This time I’m for real and dedicated. Check them out later tonight in the links in the sidebar.

Until then, live your life and enjoy yourself. No one else is going to do it for you.


Been a tough one for awhile but will hopefully have good news soon. At least I’m being productive. 🙂 

In the meanwhile, check out my other blogs where I’ve been actually posting to the left in my blogroll. Enjoy.

Random Walking Dead (?) Thought

I would hope when I shake off these mortal coils people will say “Yeah, he had issues but he recognized them and, at least, attempted to correct them. He didn’t back down from facing his bullshit most of the time.”

Actually, if I make it to a level where I can have a Wikipedia page someone remind me to sneak that in.

I would put that on my epitaph but I want something a little more eternal like “We all try and we can all be better. I know it.” or “Hey, Hey. Smoke Weed Everyday- Nate Dogg, Poet Emeritus”

Too Much

One of my big problems is doing too much and that ultimately makes me do too little.

Okay, that might sound like BS but I’m sure that a few other individuals probably have the same thing going on with them as well. It’s not really ADHD (I don’t think) but I have a lot on my mind at all times. I’m always thinking of a story or a new layer to something I’m working on, usually from something I encounter during the day.

It’s both great and horrible for my creative process. It’s great because I always got something to work on or kinda distracts me. It sucks because my focus sucks a great deal of the time and all these different things are on my mind and I don’t know what to work on.

Take right now for example. I’m trying to get all this basic blog stuff out, tweaking other story ideas and trying to finish up these two novel length stories by the end of next month.*  It’s just a lot to keep track of without even counting the life stuff. What frustrates me the most is that many people can deal with this with no problem.

I want to get to that. I’m trying to be selfish this year to get that. I’m also trying to get that sort of balance in my life.

I have high hopes I’ll get there.


* I HAVE to get those two books complete. There is no option. Also, I’m gonna make a concerted effort to regularly update blogs, including a new one which I think will be easy to do and isn’t dependent on life to go good, bad or drunk. Meet 2013 Sean. Keep me honest, folks.