As I get older, I’m trying to develop my own style. This is, of course, because my previous style was no style at all. I’m still working on my personal appearance style, which I think should be highly adaptive always, but definitely have gotten myself opinions about what art work I like in three aspects of viewing. I have scoured deviant art, blogger sites, websites, Google search, etc. and have come up with a list of my current favorites. Don’t want to list everyone and I’m sure I’m missing people (like Stuart Immonen and Ed McGuinness and things like this) but these are my top guys.

WALL ART- stuff  I would hang up

James Jean- This guy is just my favorite artist. I like all the stuff he does and how his take on the world is unique and surreal. I feel like I’m living in a different world when I look at his things. He also does some neat fashion stuff. Google him. It’s worth it.
Jeremiah Ketner- I found this guy on Twitter randomly. I probably stumbled upon him while looking at some comic book folks. It’s quirky and reminiscent of James Jean with softer edges. I think that’s why I like it.
Ryuichi Ogino (OGI)- I saw this artist’s work at a friend’s house. I particularly like the M series. I think if I was serious about drawing like I used to be, my work would look similar to this.
Arthur Suydam- This guy makes very realistic artwork. Even his zombie stuff looks like it’s moving.
Olga Ulanova- Sometimes when looking at certain art, you can tell the gender of who created it. That’s why I like Olga’s stuff. It has a great woman’s touch.
Tom Whalen- This guy makes posters which are awesome. All of his mock movie stuff is good and full of things I wouldn’t immediately think of. That’s always a plus with me.
Julian Totino Tedesco- He paints like I would paint. If I painted. Or could paint.

T-SHIRTS/SNEAKERS/GEAR- stuff I would rock on my body

Sean Galloway- This guy does really cool animated stuff, particularly cartoon art. He also teaches art online, which is always commendable.
Brandon Bird- Hilarious. Just visit his site. I really enjoy the Law & Order pieces.
J.G. Jones- Jones does some of the best covers in comics. Period. His work is dynamic and has a lot of weight. The cool kids get what I mean by weight.
Ryan Ottley- The things he draws reminds me of youth. They are also just kinda weird.
Skottie Young- This guy is really good at making kid like images. He also makes me laugh with his stuff and gives good advice on Twitter.
Gene Gonzales- His art has really clean lines. His stuff reminds me of other artists but still has something different about it.
Kaare Andrews- Kaare is king of making the familiar unique.  He has an official site but I can never get on and Google search gives you even better stuff.                                                                                                                                                                                Phil Noto- All of this guy’s stuff has island chic. It’s like stepping into the world of a Hawaiian private eye a la Magnum P.I. Good stuff and nice drawings of the ladies. Plus, the entry to his site has the Pan Am logo.

ILLUSTRATIONS- stuff I would want drawn for my personal stories/life                                                                                                               
Adam Warren- His shite is straight up manga style. Normally I can either take that or just pass it up but Warren always makes it work. Plus, he drew/wrote my favorite Teen Titans story  and his Empowered series is sexy and smart.
Raymond Swanland- Does nice fantasy art. Like manga art, my feelings on fantasy art comes and goes. Swanland just does good and believable stuff with his art and it works.
Adam Hughes- He makes hot women. Really hot. His other stuff is good as well and his initials are AH! That’s cool, son.
Terry and Rachel Dodson- They are good at hot chicks, too. Plus, their character work is excellent. Think it comes down that this couple just work together well as a married couple.
Frank Cho- Yet another artist who is good at drawing hot women, Cho makes my favorite curvy ladies.
Alex Ross- Everyone should know this name. He is the best at photorealistic painting.
Simone Bianchi- He does washed out paintings in terms of color but they work. He is excellent at faces and conveying actions. His site was under construction the last time I went but do a search and see what I’m talking about.
Dustin Nguyen- Dustin’s work is creative and surreal. Really good. Plus, he has the same name as that Asian dude from 21 Jump Street. That’s street cred right there, b.                                                                                                                             Joe Quinones- His pieces remind me of Norman Rockwell pictures.                                                                                                                                                                                           Humberto Ramos- He does over the top, exagerrated art. It’s fun and frenetic and his characters have huge, crazy feet.


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